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Peak District – wild camping in a cave

Wild camping in a cave is an extraordinary experience. The Peak District offers several suitable caves to roll out your mat, and happens to be good looking national park as well. You’ll read everything you need to know about wild camping in a cave in the Peak District in this post!

Hob Thirst House Cave – Peak District

This open, level cave has two accessible chambers and is located in the heart of Deep Dale, Peak District. Hob is short for ‘hobgoblin’, and legend has it that one lived in the cave, causing good fortune for the surrounding farms. When people would drop their broken stuff at the mouth of the cave, it would be magically restored the next day. Awesome as that sounds, you wouldn’t want to annoy the goblin, because then all the milk in all the farms would turn sour. The region is well known for its legends and folklore, and adds a cool sense of mystery to the site.

peak district

You’re best off parking your car across the road from the quarry, which is about half an hour’s walk away from the cave. It’s a scenic route, with the quarry lending an eery feel to the area: there are signs everywhere warning for quicksand, blasting and the fact that a quarry is, in fact, not a play area.

Thirst House Cave appears on your left hand side after walking a good 30 minutes. It is easy accessible and offers a great view over the gorge, as well as a second cave, located on a more elevated position across the canyon. Thirst House Cave as an open first chamber, which is about 90 feet deep, followed by a small aperture leading to a second chamber. The floor of the first chamber is nice and level, offering enough space to build a fire and roll out your sleeping mat. When we were here, it was a warm and dry day in May, so we decided to sleep under the overhang at the entrance of the cave. With more typical English weather, the cave would have provided great shelter. If you’re planning to build a fire in a cave, it’d be good to read our post on fires in caves to make sure it’s safe.

Outdoor Bar in het Peak District

Sure, you’ll have to bring your own drink, but this cave is the perfect outdoor bar! With a plateau at leaning-height, enough room on level rock to put a bottle of gin ánd a couple of cups on, and an overhang to keep you dry in wet weather, this is a great place to lean against a cave and drink your favourite drink. As we explained during our adventure in Wales, your favorite drink isn’t (heavy cans of) beer, but rather something stronger, like Gin (and tonic), which is lighter and will keep you warmer.

peak district

peak district

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