A microadventure is a small adventure within walking distance. Let’s face it: we all want a little more adventure and excitement in our lives, but don’t have the money, experience or time to actually set up an epic quest to uncharted terrain. Most of us will never scale a mountain over 6000 meters on a multi-day trek. And even if you do have your PADI advanced (that’s a suba-diving license), how often do you REALLY get to swim in tropical waters with lion- and scorpion fish? We just don’t have the resources to go on adventures every year.

So what if you could be a little more adventurous during a weekday? What if an adventure wouldn’t cost you a thing, and you didn’t need to take annual leave to do it? That’s what microadventures are: small adventures within walking distance. Not the epic quests to the other side of the world, but very short, very small trips that will get you charged and ready for your next business day.

We go on microadventures in the Netherlands. Sometimes a little further, but always within driving distance. Follow us, and we promise to keep you updated on our latest adventures! We try new location, see if certain survival-skills work in real life and invent great backpacking recipes. Do you have a suggestion for a location, a recipe or a skill we should test? Did you go an a great microadventure yourself, and do you have to footage to prove it? We love to hear from you!