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Cook an egg in an orange

This quick snack brings the summer back into your winter! Cooking an egg in an orange is fun and taste awesome. You can do this on the barbecue or over a campfire: it all depends on where you are and what you have with you.


Cut the orange in half, spoon out the content (Protip: eat it), and place the half of the peel on the coals (or suspend it above the fire). Make sure it’s level before breaking an egg and pouring it in the orange peel, otherwise it will all just fall out. The orange peel will char, but not before your egg is nice and done! Spice it up with herbs, salt and pepper to taste.

Make several per person if you are hungry. It’s tasty, but because of all the orange fibers a little bit difficult to eat.

Cook an egg in an orange (video!)

Variation tip: try to put some bacon on the barbecue or over the fire, slice it up and put it in the orange peel before breaking the egg.

What do you cook on the barbecue or over your campfire? Share your creations in the comments (add a photo if you can!) below.

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