Arjen & Renze

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We think of ourselves as two very normal guys. Renze is a voice-over professional, Arjen an entrepreneur. Without really knowing anything about bushcraft or survival, we aim to get the most out of our time, our surroundings and our euros.

What we would like to do most of all, is to go on epic adventures to the Himalaya or the Andes every year for a month. But that is expensive, far away, a waist of annual leave we have to spend on a holiday home in France with our families anyway, plus: we know next to nothing about epic quests in hazardous terrain. And “once a year” isn’t all that often.

That is why we do MICROadventures: small adventures within walking distance. Following Alastair Humphreys great example, we find adventure in our own surroundings. We don’t have all the expensive equipment, we don’t know anything about surviving in the wild, but we do want to live a little more adventurous than just going to our offices every day. We camp under the stars for one or two nights, and recharge for the next working day. A microadventure can be as micro as a one-night-adventure on an weekday, allowing you to be back in the office on time the next day.

We blog about our microadventures on this site. We test certain skills to see if they actually work, we review the latest gadgets and invent backpacking recipes.

Curious? Want a little more excitement in your own life? Start following us (click the links below) and we promise to keep you updated on our latest adventures! And please: if you have an adventure of your own you would like to share, we love to hear from you!